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Terms and Conditions

Greeting from & we take this opportunity of thanking you for use of our website. The use of this website & any transaction through this website is governed by terms & conditions as indicated hereunder.

Definitions –

Wherever words “We, Us, Our & Company” appears that should be read as BookYourCar & their associate and sister concerns.

Wherever words “You, Your, Customer, Person & User” appears that should be read as users of this Website.

Wherever word “Dealer, Vendor & Service-Provider” appears that should be read as Dealers of Automobile Manufacturers as per make of vehicle applicable & Persons providing associated services & goods for purchase, payment & registration of vehicle like Registration Consultants, Motor Insurers & their Agents, etc.

Wherever words “Vehicle” appears that should be read as LMV Passenger Car as opted by the user for his / her personal use and for registration in individual’s name.

1. This website and the company is only acting as a facilitator between Customer and Manufacturers’ / Suppliers’ / Service Providers’ & their Dealers’ & Representatives’. The online booking system attempts only to facilitate the prospective customers for easier / faster booking of the vehicle/s chosen with associated services / products from their place and at their convenience.

2. The proposed specified vehicles & variants that can be arranged are listed on this website. The brief details, specifications and features of the vehicles are available on this website as well as the official website of the manufacturers. The customers are requested to thoroughly read and understand all specifications, features posted on the websites before making his/her choice.

3. The Indicated Package Price as given at this website will normally include Vehicle with it’s standard built-in fittings as supplied by the concerned manufacturer, standard motor package insurance policy, registration at place selected by user as individual owner & welcome kit.

4. A Person will be able to apply for one or more vehicles and the person will be required to pay Advance Booking Amount for as many vehicles as the person intends to book. 'Person' means and includes any Individual competent to contract (hereinafter referred to as the 'Customer'). In case of Firm, Company etc. their status needs to be updated on website for applicable package price based on additional taxes, levies & charges applicable for non individual customer.

5. The Customer would be able to make an online payment towards Advance Booking Amount for the vehicles only through a valid transaction and by submitting required information on the online process as available on this website.

6. The Customer needs to provide accurate information in filling the form online and will be required to submit all required documents at the relevant Dealer / Vendor / Service-Provider, when required for a completing the vehicles purchase/order as per standard operating procedures of the relevant dealer / vendor / service provider. The Customer will be required to complete required formalities and also provide photocopies of PAN card, Address proof, Driving license and such other documents as needed by the Dealer / Vendor / Service-Provider for completing the booking and subsequent sale. All document originals will need to be produced before confirmation of booking.

7. Acceptance of advance booking amount is taken on behalf of the dealership and is merely an indication of an intention to sell on part of the Dealership and does not result in a Booking or Contract of sale. After completing the form and a valid online payment transaction, the acknowledgement for the receipt of payment towards the advance booking amount on behalf of the dealer / vendor will be provided to the customer.

8. The package price, specifications and features of the vehicles are indicative and subject to change without prior intimation and at the discretion of company. For any additional information and latest updates, the prospective customers are requested to contact us.

9. The amount collected online is only Advance Booking Amount and the balance applicable will need to be paid to the applicable Dealership immediately as per the payment procedures, schedules & rules of the concerned dealer / vendor / service-provider. Only after the receipt of the entire booking amount will the booking be binding according to the booking terms and conditions of the Dealership. Until then the amount received is merely a request on part of the Customer and an indication of an intention to sell on part of the Dealership and does not result in a booking confirmation or contract of sale.

10. The package price shown online is the standard On Road Price with regular statutory levies, taxes, insurance, etc. and the prices may be subject to change on the date of delivery. Customer agrees to pay applicable prices at the time of actual delivery.

11. In case of failure on part of the Customer to pay the balance of the booking amount or complete formalities for booking & submitting required documents in the next 10 days to the selected Dealership, Dealership reserves the right to cancel this offer for booking without any liability towards the Customer.

12. The Customer agrees that the Dealership shall not be deemed to have accepted the booking of the Customer or be bound by the booking until Dealership notifies the Customer of its acceptance of the booking subject to the terms and conditions, contained herein and the terms and conditions of Booking and Delivery as per Dealership / Vendor.

13. Delivery of the vehicle selected & it’s variant, fuel type, transmission type, colour, etc. preferred by the Customer may be affected by production / supply constraints. In case the Dealer / Vendor is not able to match the preference of the customer it will alternatively offer choice to the Customer for other available variant. Any differential amount applicable thereof will be adjusted at the time of the delivery. As per industry practice Manufacturers have the right to revise the specification, standard / built-in fitment and / or accessories for the vehicles or introduce new versions of the variants and same will be binding on the Customer.

14. Customer will be informed about balance payment, documentation, tentative delivery schedule, etc. by the dealer / vendor & company will not be responsible if delivery of the vehicle is delayed beyond the tentative availability due to any reason beyond its control. In such case, the Dealership will normally advice the revised delivery period to the Customer on the contact details provided at the time of online registration. The company/ dealer / vendor will not be liable to pay interest or any other compensation to the Customer in such cases.

15. The online advance payment amount of Rs. 5,000/- or Rs.10,000/- as paid by the customer through this website is refundable in the event of cancellation of advance booking but prior to confirmation of booking with dealer / vendor. For this the customer / user will have to send request within 12 months from date of payment of advance booking amount.

16. Once the Booking is confirmed by the dealership all refunds / cancellations etc. will be governed by the terms and conditions of Booking / Sale as agreed upon with the dealer / vendor / service-provider. All such applicable refunds will be processed & attended only by the dealer / vendor / service-provider directly in favour of the Customer's name as on records. There will be no liability to the company under any circumstances whatsoever in this regard.

17. Customer acknowledges that subsequent to online advance booking through this website, further all transactions are between Customer and Dealer / Vendor / Service-Provider. The delivery & all subsequent servicing, warranty, repairs, replacements and such other issues / matters will be as per terms of concerned manufacturer & it’s dealer / vendor. The company is not at all involved in these transactions at any stage and shall not be held liable for any disputes, claims or concerns that may relate to such transactions.

18. The services through this website can not be clubbed with or availed along with any other schemes, offers, discounts, etc. unless specifically agreed to by the company.

19. Any information of the Customer may be shared with the government or statutory authorities or court of law, if any authority calls upon Us, Agency, Dealer, Vendor, Service Provider to do so, or as may be prescribed under applicable law.

20. The Company will not be liable in any manner towards delay or consequential loss or damage or legal liability of any kind. Under no circumstances will the company be liable towards any financial implication or Interest penalty.

21. The Company / Dealer / Vendor would not be responsible for delay/ non-receipt of communication by Customer due to incorrect contact details given in the Online booking form or otherwise.

22. The Photos, Pictures, Graphics, etc. used on this website are representative & may very with actual vehicle available for delivery. Actual colours and appearance of the Vehicles may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor colour restrictions. The vehicle arranged with dealer / vendor will be with standard built in fittings as provided by manufacturer for relevant variant & will not include any additional fittings or accessories.

23. Company reserves the right to alter any terms and conditions/ or the process itself clause at its sole discretion as and when considered necessary.

24. The acceptance of any offer / proposal through this website shall be at the sole discretion of the Company.

25. By choosing to pay online towards the booking the Customer agrees to abide by the all local laws. Any dispute relating to enforcement, interpretation or application of these terms and conditions will be subject to Courts at Mumbai alone to the exclusion of all others and will be subject to laws applicable in India.